Uroš Planinc Group: Alternative Ego (2013)

“A hard rock with guitar at fore and cheer input of self artistic experience.” No vocals, no cheesy aching and shaking on stage, nor naively clichéd three chord time stealing. Let the guitar speak for you in a form of a new language! Uros broadened his visions, and built a great musicianship around him which is able to follow his prolific talent. And this culmination of new vision is now called Uros Planinc Group. Mastering guitar language till perfection but always remaining inside listenable and highly accessible sound of its own musical direction. This is Uros Planinc Group second album Alternative ego. It is smooth and live, it is tragic, it is funny and above all, it fucking rocks! (Aleš Podbreznik, editor-in-chief, Rockline.si)

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1.Burning fields
3.Ne morem več
4.Dry surfing
5.Midnight rain
7.Alone in the club
8.Southern comfort
9.Space orgasms
10.Chain conveyor

You can get it here.