ABK: Saintly Deceivers (2013)

I made a mistake, asking one of the members what ABK stands for. He just sent me to their info page, that I wanna share with you as it is kinda witty:

ABK are a 4-piece band /.../ located in Laško, Slovenia... In 2009, with Marko's replacement of Marko, came the rebirth of the band. Due to a lack of song material, they are currently playing covers of the songs the former 3-piece ABK band created during the era of 2000 to 2006. Until the inclusion of Jan Friderik Grant, the band was of the instrumental persuasion. As they are also members of these bands, it is suspected that some of the members are working as double agents for the bands In the Crossfire, Marvin, Killing Option and Strojmachine. The stylistic orientation of ABK is virtually indescribable, as their perennial quest for a suitable genre has yet to come to fruition. Were the band subjected to severe testicular torture, they would eventually give in and describe their style as progressive sludge metal with a hint of beer-fueled hard rock. Following a freak accident involving two unsuspecting spoons and a very surprised (though largely apathetic) aardvark, the band traveled back in time, resulting in it influencing bands such as Tool, Mastodon, Motörhead, etc.

P.S.: Just to clear any confusion; Marko did not replace himself – he replaced Marko Klemenčič, the former drummer.

P.P.S.: Never ask what ABK stands for. If you ask what ABK stands for, you will suffer a death most horrid.
P.P.P.S: We never joke.

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01 - Claymore
02 - Saintly Deceivers
03 - Anger Management
04 - Flight of Fury
05 - Souleater
06 - Live and Let Live
07 - Danza De La Muerte

You can get it here.