The Sexorcist / Extreme Smoke 57: Split 7" (1991)

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The Sexorcist was a Dutch pornogrind band. ES57 was the first noise and grindcore band from Slovenia. The band was formed in the beginning of 1990, in the city of Nova Gorica.

The Sexorcist
A1 – Intro
A2 – Anal Torture
A3 – Smoke From A Dildo
A4 – Gasping Tits
A5 – Rot Away
A6 – Fist Fucking Metal
A7 – The Curse Of Lord Dildo
A8 – Sexual Mutilation
A9 – Bestial Lust
A10 – Possessed By Cunts
A11 – Penetrate My Nose
A12 – Piss On My Head

Extreme Smoke 57
B1 – (Hate) Skate Party
B2 – Heavy Metal Fans
B3 – Conform
B4 – Life Is..... Your Enemy
B5 – Mozart

You can get it here.