Drugi Disko: Drugi Disko (2001)

Drugi Disko ('Other Disco') was made up of Matevž Mateta on drums, Matija Mateta on bass and vocals, Goran Grabič on guitar and vocals and Andrej Pirjevec on guitar, drums and vocals. Based at Sežana in the Karst region, the band has created rock music since 1998 as a trio, adding an additional drummer in 2001. This is their debut album. In 2003 they released their second album Drugič. Their music borders on rock, jazz, Chicago, Balkan and Karst music.

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01 - Marenda
02 - Barve
03 - Partizani
04 - Ajda
05 - Zmeda
06 - Revolusion
07 - Zimski Park
08 - Blaž
09 - Seka

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