SZD (Samo Za Dnar): Samo Za Dnar (2010)

SZD (Samo Za Dnar translates as Only For Money) definitely hold a special position in the Slovenian rock underground scene. The band whose cast has changed frequently, recently celebrated their ten years' anniversary. So far, their strongest promotion moves involved social contacts and the use of internet.
 They have already achieved recognition and appreciation on the local and regional rock underground scene, following the footsteps of their older colleagues 'Center za dehumanizacijo' (CZD), whose songs they play:  this is re-creating and re-producing in the sense of proper authorship. This particular concept that the SZD have chosen in the making and re-making of rock music is unique, in Slovenia and elsewhere. It is a studious approach to the production and re-production of rock: their capturing of the original (CZD) is more than performing somebody elses songs and music, it is literary a re-make of music that involves getting to know all the stages of its development – how a song was created and why, the ideology behind it, circumstances that may have influenced it, personalities of its authors. The remake of the original's performance in public is another important aspect. Such an intimate and detailed approach can result painful for both, the original and its remake. At some final point of creative work, the original might lose track of who they are, while the remaker might wonder what he stands for or what he represents. This is why such a creative process can only hold water when its participants are individuals with strong personalities and a broad knowledge of the history of rock music and its social and public impacts. The history of popular music does not so far recall a similar case of production and a subcultural media presentation of music by means of collaboration between the original and the remake. It is what the SZD are presenting with their album 'Samo za dnar'.
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01 - Nisem sam v celici
02 - Mesto
03 - Zalezovalca
04 - Poražena tišina
05 - Gremo na Štajersko
06 - Kri je noro tekla
07 - V imenu ljudstva
08 - Daleč je raj
09 - Na rdečem platnu
10 - Sum
11 - Sistem
12 - Pokozlane Trate
13 - Nimam dnara
14 - Ua ua
15 - Ob našem prazniku
16 - Nimam dnara
17 - Lov

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