Hellcrawler: Wastelands (2011)

"Dwelling among the debris of the whore capital of Western Slovenia, Hellcrawler are a bunch of cynical wasteland denizens who found unsavory panacea in the symbiosis of punk violence, stoner rock atmosphere and heavy riffage. Their soundtrack to the demise of humankind is a motorized assault of old school death metal and d-beat which reflects their major source of inspiration, the decaying aesthetic of post apocalyptic and grindhouse cinematography." They come from Nova Gorica and this is their first album.

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01 - Devastation
02 - Rattlesnake Tavern
03 - Motosluts From Hell
04 - Wastelands
05 - Post Apocalyptic Revolt
06 - The Molten Faces Tribe
07 - Firefly Powerplant
08 - Yet Again The Greed Of Man
09 - Towards The End
10 - Demons Within

You can get it here.