29 March 2015

3.Tir: 3.Tir (2012)

This album was recorded live in Menza pri koritu, although the trio was then named Hlep trio. The band consists of seasoned and well known (underground) musicians that played in lots of now legendary bands like Lokalna TV, Sfinkter, Javna vaja (with Marko Brecelj and later Uroš Srpčič). 3.Tir is a really cool avantgarde and free jazz album with a lot of improvisation moments.

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Primož Schmidt: tenor saxophone
Aleš Jošt: bass
Borut Preželj: drums

1 - Tretji tir
2 - Kratka
3 - Eiffelov most
4 - Bičkova skala
5 - Končno sama
6 - Ples duhov

You can get this here.

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