21 January 2015

What They Fear: What They Fear (2007)

Unfortunatelly W.T.F. split up but they left us this awesome CDr. Oldschool hardcore, 9 songs, 10 minutes. Awesome stuff, all lyrics in Slovenian language. 
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01.Ni Dvoma O Resnici
02.Tako Kot Ti
04.Prvi Avgust
05.Nemogoče Razmere
06.Temelj Dobrote
07.Ne Bitje,Le Tvoje Orodje
08.Namesto Spoštovanja
09.Beda Sredi Lažnega Blišča

You can get it here.

19 January 2015

Kuzle: Live at Novi Rock '81 (1981)

Even though the quality is kinda bad it still makes me wish I would be there!
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01 - Smej se + Meščanske Račke
02 - Ne Me Met Za Svino
03 - Ostani Idiot
04 - Vahid
05 - Ti Si Zvezda
06 - Fabrka
07 - Ivan Silni

You can get it here.

17 January 2015

Cronology Of Death (1991)

This 7" was released by my friend Miha who was the co-author of the Thrash your brain fanzine. An international split (or a mini compilation?) features one Slovenian band - Xenophobia. It was released on a limited (500 pcs.) hand numbered black vinyl. Enjoy!
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A1 - Sentenced - Desperationed Future
A2 - Carbonized - The Monument

B1 - Bluuurgh... - Compost Christ
B2 - Xenophobia - Dregs Of Mankid

You can get it here.

16 January 2015

Coptic Rain: Clarion's End (1996)

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01 - The Haunt
02 - Devil In Disguise
03 - In To The Sun
04 - And All I Loved
05 - Rejoice
06 - Selvas
07 - Midgard
08 - Cortex Wave
09 - Scanner
10 - Slepnir
11 - Even Closer

You can get it here.

14 January 2015

11 January 2015

Skorbut: Ancient Times (2004)

This is the only full lenght album from Skorbut, black metal band from Izola that split-up in 2006.
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01 - Intro
02 - Slovans
03 - Ancient Times
04 - Universal Secret Of Our Existence
05 - Storm Sky (Witchcraft)
06 - Future Past
07 - Mysteries Of The Black Forest
08 - Dark Are Days Of My Age
09 - Last Flight Of The Dragon
10 - Cold Whisper
11 - Outro

You can get it here.

08 January 2015

Socrates Project (2009)

This here is a real rarity and a special treat for you guys. Socrates is a project of Electric Fish and Amper-O-Mat.
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Socrates is well-known as a creator of the question “What is this?” The answer on this eternal question is hidden in the content of the dialogue. It reveals the levels of existence.

In the project Socrates these two artists make the dialogue by the use of the sound tools, which differ between each other in a basic way. There is a sound of the analogue synth on the one hand, and a fundamental sound of the electric acoustic instrument on the other. The artists enter the dialogue from the different points of view, where the starting point of the first one is mysterious analogue sounds, while the other is a representative of a post-industrial music genre.

The dialogue is being made in two parts.
The artists live and work in Celje, which lies in their motherland - Slovenia.

Electric Fish was founded in 1984. You can find more information on an excellent blog: A Hogon's industrial guide
Sound sources: Modular synth FORMANT, vcf- moog, vcf- MS 20.

Amper-o-mat is a project working on contemporary experimental music and was formed in 2002. He has more than fifty live performances and cooperates with different musicians and other artist.
Sound sources: Graterophone, psychoacoustic generators, keyboards, and electronics.
Sound concept: Installations, improvised cybernetic soundscapes, biomechanical floates, and polymetallic landscapes.
Phylosophy of creating: Post-traditional sounddopinis for future generations.

You can get Socrates here.

06 January 2015

Bast: The Secret Life Of The Next Door Neighbour (2003)

Bast is not ethno, rock, jazz, techno, hip-hop, avant-garde or pop, but a continuous search for the balance between chaos and order.
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01 - Nubody
02 - Our People
03 - Plamen
04 - Problem
05 - Pla-Men
06 - Song For Che
07 - Bliar
08 - 60 sec. per min.
09 - Alles Ist Gut
10 - Square
11 - Burn Out
12 - Pl-Amen

You can get it here.

04 January 2015

Kmetchka Godba: Demo & Live Collection 1992-1993 (2008)

Hardcore punk band from Ljubljana.
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Demo I 1992
2.Moj Noht    
3.Hare Krishna    
7.Dost Mam Tega

Demo II 1993
9.Mali Joža     
10.Lublanske Ulce
12.Na Ves Glas
13.Brez Naslova

Live Gimnazija Bežigrad 1992
14.Se En    
15.Maj Ankul     
16.Skodelica Kave
17.Dont Craj   
19.Mali Joža    
20.Paint It Black
21.Felix Langus
22.Utopije/Laida Bologna Medley
23.Trip In Vijolice
24.Lublanske Ulce

You can get it here.

Entreat.: Demo (1999)

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1.Intro / Iceberg
2.To A Friend
3.Stone Of Knowledge
4.The Tell
5.Belief In A Young Branch
6.Lost Harmony
7.Brez Odseva
8.The Whisper

You can get it here.

03 January 2015

3=Pjančki: Kakšen Cirkus Za Prazen Nič (2002)

Punk band from Železniki. 
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1 - Pjača, ki veselje vrača
2 - TV-šop
3 - Mama mia
4 - Jebeš
5 - Direktore
6 - Rođena
7 - Vone-Vonga
8 - Dragi pek
9 - Skoz okn' gledam
10 - Poglej se - svina pjana

You can get it here.

02 January 2015

Vulvathrone: Bukkake (2007)

Brutal death metal about proprably all the sex perversions possible. Only for the most curageous. From Murska Sobota.

You can get it here.

01 January 2015

Joko Ono: Joko Ono (2013)

A perfect soundtrack for today. Ljubljana HC with female vocals.
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01 - Ena
02 - Višje, hitreje, močneje
03 - Daleč je raj
04 - Moj svet
05 - Globalisti
06 - Kri
07 - Konec

You can get it here.