Ta Boljša Moka: Live in KLjUB (1997)

I can hardly believe it's been 17 years since this gig that I still remember so vivid as if it happened yesterday. Definitely one of the top 5 concerts that happened in KLjUB. Ta Boljša Moka were youngsters playing jazzy-dreamy-pop-alternative-rock. I remember the club hall being totally full, people cheering and dancing. I remember my friend Niko was kinda wasted and was clapping his hands in the first row, just in front of singer Polona. His clapping was so off beat that we all laughed so hard... I remember the crowd being completely silent while Polona was singing Me And A Gun, a Tori Amos cover. Too bad they split-up soon after the gig. But maybe that's the reason I hold this concert so dear, cause I never ever heard them perform live anymore.

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This recording was made with a walkman glued to a shelf in the back of the concert hall.

01 - Retrospective
02 - Epilogue
03 - Double personality
04 - PO Box
05 - The selfish incident on the sunny balcony
06 - Pathetic lure
07 - Adultery equals poetry
08 - Me and a gun (Tori Amos)
09 - Intro
10 - Apollo 13 / I.
11 - Apollo 13 / II.

You can get it here.