Random Logic: Numrebs (2001)

Random Logic alias Gregor Zemljič & Miha Klemenčič are the longest established artists of the Slovene electronic music scene. They have also written music for major and alternative theatre, ballet and experimental art performances (they are collaborating extensively with the artist Marko Peljhan  on his multimedia projects) and also for films. In the year 2000 they were awarded the Studio City boomerang Award (alternative Slovenian music awards) for the best live techno act in Slovenia and they won 1st prize at The 2002 RFI (Radio France International) Musiques Electroniques Award for the best electronic project in Central and Eastern Europe (from Discogs).

1 Thiff 4:23
2 Secnod 6:27
3 Thrid 7:33
4 Shitx 5:00
5 Frist 6:32
6 Gheith 2:15
7 Thevens 4:35
8 Thent 6:38
9 Frouht 11:28
10 Venthele 8:19
11 Thinn 7:53

You can get this here.