Provinca Vrača Udarec (1988)

A 3-way spli tape (or a compilation if you prefer) of three legendary Slovenian bands. Polska Malca was a hardcore punk band from Posavje, Epidemic was a thrash metal band from Žalec and Salem were one of the first (if not THE first?) real thrash metal bands from Koper.
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A1 – Polska Malca: Življenje
A2 – Polska Malca: Romeo Na Juliji (Knapovska)
A3 – Polska Malca: Propad
A4 – Polska Malca: Koprčanke
A5 – Epidemic: Graveyard Metal
A6 – Epidemic: 7th Grave
A7 – Epidemic: Whisper From The Grave

B1 – Epidemic: Suicide Death
B2 – Salem: (Shadows On The Village) Sabacios
B3 – Salem: Lord Of The Darkest Night
B4 – Salem: Master Mephisto
B5 – Salem: Dead And Burried

You can get it here.