Šund: Live at Novi Rock '81 (1981)

How many times have I heard older guys talking about legendary gigs and how many times have I read about them. Surely there were times when you wished to be able to travel in time and experience those stories. If I by any chance would have access to time machine, I would definitely go to 1981 Ljubljana and go to first Novi Rock, that amongst others introduced Šund, a band from Idrija. I love punk bands from that time, they almost without exception sang in Slovenian and it feels like they were somewhat ahead of the time. These punk and hardcore bands were also very critical and dangerous to the established system of the time and their music was often banned and band members harrased by the police.
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01 - Lepo je v naši domovini biti mlad
02 - Men je vseen
03 - Štefan
04 - Zgornja Etaža
05 - Bog
06 - Komisija za šund
07 - Bil
08 - Dvign roko
09 - Naši brati
10 - Gadavič
11 - Punk in ...

You can get it here.