Dickless Tracy / Senseless: Split Tape (1999)

Split tape with Slovanian grindcore band Dickless tracy and Croatian crust band Senseless.

ps. unfortunately my favoruite song Ubijena u ime križa from Senseless is not on this tape...

Dickless Tracy (Live 25.12.1999 At MKC Koper, Slovenia)
 1.Kozmetični Teater
 2.Rotting Reality
 4.Of Light And Darkness
 5.Greedy Killers
 6.Revege Of The Zombie
 8.When There's Snowing In The Horror Movies
 9.Copy Rights
11.Nuklearna Država
12.The New Domination

Senseless (Live 25.12.1999 At MKC Koper, Slovenia)
 4.Gift Of Destruction
 5.No Fucking Pride
 9.No Thanx!

You can get this here.