Mr. Haris Pilton & Gypsy Sound System: The Magic Winery (2013)

"Haris Pilton and Gypsysoundsystem first met in Ljubljana in 2008. After an evening of fire onstage, they have kept in touch and played together several times in Europe. In 2011, the musical collaboration enriches the friendship of these three stage pyromaniacs." 

This is the double album The Magic Winery that contains two (mini) albums: The Final Bottle and 12 Glasses. Haris Pilton comes from Celje as DJ Olga and Dr. Schnaps (Gypsy Sound System) come from Switzerland.

The Final Bottle
01 - Scat Woman feat. Traktorkestar
02 - Luptic feat. Ziveli Orkestar
03 - Maskarade
04 - Gitanos feat. Spiral
05 - Raki Till I Live

12 Glasses
06 - Draba
07 - Kashmir
08 - Simple Things
09 - Cargo Dub

You can get it here.