Anonimni Alkoholiki / S.F.U.: Split Tape (1996)

Anonimni Alkoholiki with such legends as Boco and Oli are noising on side A of this C60 cassette, and the other side features S.F.U. that we loved so much in Celje.

Side A: Anonimni Alkoholiki: A Reason To Laugh (Demo 5)
''Live Potsdam (D)''
A1 Intro (Ripping Metallica Off)    
A2 Pope On Dope    
A3 Sickness    
A4 Beerless    
A5 Considering Violence    
A6 Zdravljica (Grind/Gore Version)    
A7 Stoned Angel    
A8 F.A.N.T.A. (Fuck And Never Touch Again)    
A9 ?    
A10 Chaos    
A11 Men Je Čist Vse En    
A12 ?    
A13 Cigarettes Kill    
A14 Every Need To Panic    
A15 Horror Time    
A16 Power Of Idea ''Power Of Idea''    
A17 More Noise In Your Fuck N Head    
A18 Rio Mare    
A19 Grind Noise Pastir    
A20 Fuck The Rave    
''Live Rostock''
A21 I Am What I Am    
''Live Neunbrandenburg''
A22 Democratic Lie    
A23 I Gave You Everything I Could But I Won't Give You My Life    
A24 Nazis Raus    
A25 Cigarettes Kill    
A26 Brutality Just Another Trend    
A27 35 Pohotnih Frizerk    
A28 Stupid Politicians (Chaos Version)    

Side B: S.F.U.: Shita Fali Umobolnima Live Senovo (9. 3. 1996)B1 Fuck You All    
B2 Garbage Day    
B3 Optimist (Zajeb Veržn)    
B4 Mutant    
B5 Time For Livin'    
B6 Drug Dealer    
B7 Štakori    
B8 Pesem Št. 8    
B9 The Dorks    
B10 John Major    
B11 Laganica    
B12 Džungla    
B13 Lenčuga    
B14 Lifeless    
B15 Charged    
B16 Štrajk Prašičev    
B17 S.F.U. (Sranje, Fušanje, Užas)

You can get it here.