Actooon: Cemeteryland 2 (2007)

I've been readin some of the Aleksander Cepuš' books lately. I find him amusing, lucid and at the same time I kinda feel sorry for him. I don't know why. But mostly I like his short books because he is a chronicler of my city, the city that I know. He has some specific views, juicy language that befalls a (healed) alcholic... Despite his alcohol abuse, he has a great memory of past things.  But most of all, he is obssessed with the mass graves under his old neighbourhood. That is the theme of almost all his books and his childrhood memories and also his recordings. This one is not as heavy as the first part but a lot more nightmarish, dark, gloomy and schizophrenic. You've been warned!

01 - Lava Celje May 1945
02 - Lava Celje May 1976
03 - New Flat Lava Celje
04 - Waltz Of Lava Agony
05 - Delirium Tremens Lava
06 - Heavy Metal Lava
07 - Parkinghouse Lava
08 - Supermarket Lava
09 - Shelter Lava
10 - Kindergarden Lava
11 - School Lava Celje
12 - Untitled

Again Cepuš played all the instruments on this album that you can get here.