Keller: Sizzling! (1986)

Andrej Lupin alias Keller was one of the first members of Laibach in the period from 1980 to 1984. As one of the pioneers of the genre known as industrial experimental electronic he published this cassette for independent label FV. It was published in the edition of 100 copies. This album is also known as "Keller IV".

A1 Chord X
A2 Surprise Oh
A3 Tom Jones Bones
A4 Codex
A5 Dirty Dish Harmony
A6 Y X - No Psycho
A7 Mothers Of Castration

B1 Flying Retro
B2 Sound Fuck
B3 Raphania
B4 Mali Mili Gnili
B5 Rock-A-Willy
B6 Sound Fever
B7 Senza Amore
B8 85 N6
B9 Macej
B10 Evergrease

You can get it here.