Ujetniki Svobode: Demo (1987)

Another legendary and influential band from Laško. For such a small community it is amazing that so many good bands were active there: A.D.P. (the first punk band from Laško from late 70s), It's Not For Sale, Marvin, In The Crossfire, The Stroj, Mental Strike, Daddy's Pudding... I think that one of the members of Ujetniki Svobode was Miloš Radosavljevič, that later on played in Spiritual Pyrotechnics, Polska Malca and Shyam. Well worth checking out!

01. Jugoslavija (3:09)
02. Konec (2:38)
03. Koračnica v pekel (0:56)
04. Aids (2:39)
05. Ujetniki svobode (0:57)
06. Balada o golem otoku (1:27)
07. Pomlad (2:38)
08. Pesem o svobodi (2:10)
09. 2.2.2.s. (2:04)
10. Občutki praznine (1:50)
11. Zob za zob (3:16)
12. unknown title (1:37)
13. unknown title (1:07)

You can get it here.