17 May 2014

Stranci: Zavrnjeno (2005)

Yesterday I was attending the concert where Stranci played. It was not the first time I saw them live, but have to admit I never enjoyed them so much as yesterday. As they are in a process of recording their 3rd album, they played some new songs that really rock. New material is a little slower, but heavier with riffs and interresting bass lines. Zavrnjeno is their first album.

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01. Budi samo svoj (2:46)
02. Leš (4:10)
03. Lepi in prazni (3:08)
04. Ako me traže (2:16)
05. Pozabi takšno demokracijo (2:25)
06. Večeras ništa ne osječam (3:13)
07. Jutro (2:48)
08. Budi samo svoj (2:42)
09. Što si sa sobom uradila (2:23)
10. Volim (2:44)
11. Život je kocka (2:34)
12. Nisam zgodan (2:21)
13. Štopar (3:10)

You can get it here.

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