11 May 2014

Obstacle 2: Hey, It's So Lovely (2009)

Named after Interpol's song, Obstacle 2 is (was?, as I don't know if the have split-up) my fav Slovenian indie band. They have that distinctive sound that you can easly imagine their work being released on Matador or Sub Pop. Unfortunattely they don't play live so often anymore. They are the Slovenian answer to Interpol, Maximo Park, Belle & Sebastian, Pavement, etc... Lovely stuff!

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01. Oh, You Used To Be (4:14)
02. Did You See Me Walking (4:41)
03. The Secret Routine (5:29)
04. Allies (5:48)
05. Godspeed (2:45)

You can get the EP here.

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