Drajtšponarji: Marostarska Veselica (1997)

Years back I exchanged a couple of letters (yes, snail mail) with Pero Fotar. The first correspondence between us was about comics that he drew and I published some in my fanzine. Later on he was a band member of Drajtšponarji, a punk band from Bevke, village just outside of Ljubljana. He sent me this tape that I still have (although this is not my rip) and I remember listening to it a couple of times and having fun, laughing at the lyrics. Zetor was probably their biggest hit. They sang in Slovenian and English, although the Slovenian lyrics are "stronger" and not just fun, but also with a social note. Check it out!

01. Bencin (1:52)
02. Delavska (2:47)
03. My Mind (2:34)
04. Dezerter (0:51)
05. Kurirčkova (4:41)
06. Galove Čudežne Roke (3:49)
07. Cesta Vasi (3:15)
08. Stari In Mladi (3:20)
09. Pacifist (2:57)
10. Never Come To The End (4:11)
11. Zetor (3:01)
12. Secret Mission (2:27)
13. Nism Debil (2:02)
14. Cows (0:04)

You can get it here.