11 May 2014

Captain Zero: Slovenian Moochaphytes (2010)

Dani Bedrač is Slovenian song-writer known for his solo works and his collaboration in bands like Kladivo Konj In Voda, Sfinkter, Shithead Folk Trio, Aletheia, Lokalna Televizija... Captain Zero is one of his electro alter-egos. Slovenian Moochaphytes is an instrumental electro album, full of samples, ambiental parts and big beat(s).

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01. Semper Fidelis (3:48)
02. The Ambush (6:26)
03. Short Fight (1:21)
04. Warscape (3:50)
05. JNA Soldier (3:30)
06. Spring Roll (2:27)
07. Mother Mary (3:53)

You can get it here.

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