Bast: Bast (2000)

Project BAST started in 1998 as music studio project initiated by Aldo Ivančić and Vuk Kraković. In 1999, with entrance of the conceptual artist Janez Janša, the project turned into a multi-layer platform for audio-visual experiments, media invasions and forge for artistic guerrilla tactics.
Music wised the project BAST is a journey to the urban-pagan trance, that overrides the boundaries of genres in its content and form. It is a melting pot that destroys the artificial borders between cultures and returns to the music as a ritual act. It is not ethno, rock, jazz, techno, hip-hop, avant-garde or pop, but a continuous search for the balance between chaos and order. 

01. The More You Know The Less You Kill (2:58)
02. Sister Remember (7:13)
03. I'm European But My Name Is Not John (5:28)
04. Ron's Story (6:41)
05. Georgia On My Mind (4:22)
06. Oceans (7:00)
07. Waste (Vocal Mix) (4:16)
08. Space Reality (5:06)
09. Mein Traum Ist Mein Refrain (4:49)
10. Waste (Instrumental Mix) (4:19)

You can get it here.