11 May 2014

Amper-O-Mat - Podalpska Kibernetika EP (2007)

Amper-O-Mat doesn't take his music serious. It's all joke to him, just having fun. As it should be. But somehow critics have managed to find hidden agendas in his work and mostly they take his industrial sound very serious. With no effort Amper-O-Mat is an inspiration to a lot of guys out there... Plus one curiosity: he records everything at first take.

01. podalpska kibernetika (struktura 1) (1:41)
02. podalpska kibernetika (struktura 2) (6:48)
03. podalpska kibernetika (struktura 3) (5:16)
04. podalpska kibernetika (struktura 4) (6:53)
05. podalpska kibernetika (struktura 5) (1:51)

You can get it here.

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