Alex Bass Undertaker = Actooon: Cemeteryland (1999)

Alex Bass is quite a character. His beginnings as a guitarist and a bass player date back to 1982. He has quite a lot of pseudonyms, so you can find him under Vikingvin, Actooon, Actoool… He works as a guitar and bass teacher and he published 5 textbooks for guitar player. Although he is a guitar virtuoso every band wanted him to be a bass player. After meeting him I would say he is a very extraverted person with a huge ego but very lucid in thought if you are willing to listen him. And by the way, he has Elvis's pink cadillac tattooed on his chest! Damn!

He is interested in the mass killings within recent history, ecology and vegan diet (among other stuff). All these themes are being reflected in his works. The album Cemeteryland talks about a deserted local cemetery Golovec that I grew up under and used to hike there a lot. It was very eerie at night, broken down gravestones, open graves… It still gives me the chills. Alex managed to evoke those feelings in the second song perfectly… Creeping laughter over the guitar makes me remember all those nights that we used to hide on the cemetery.

This is a great album but not easy listening! Morbid industrial, heavy guitars, creepy effects… Alex composed the music, played the guitar, bass, fretless bass, programmed the effects and drums for Cemeteryland. Completely authorial album!

01. Cemetery Golovec (11:06)
02. Running Across The Hill (10:50)
03. Crypt's Black Monastery (11:38)
04. Resurrection (11:28)

You can get this here (if you dare)!


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