15 April 2014

Živi Zid: Demo (2004)

Lively punk band with a female singer. This is a real rarity! Franci gave me this demo while I was attending one of their gigs which was pretty funny as they were really nervous. Stage fright! But towards the middle of the gig they found their drive and finished the concert with no problems. Btw, the drummer has that distinct CZD way of drumming / rhythm which isn't surprising as they are from the same town / village.

01. Mačka V Stanju X (2:26)
02. Živi Zid (2:12)
03. Pravljica (3:07)
04. Zlagana Pomlad (1:43)
05. Bistro Belo (2:23)

You can get it here.

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