02 April 2014

Trus!: First Step (2013)

TRUS! is a fresh trio of experienced performers and musicians from Slovenija. The diversity of their musical backgrounds is obvious in their songs, where they flow between hectic powerful outbursts, calm sensual atmospheres, joyful exuberance and back. In this enigmatic sound wall you can recognise influences from bands such as Deerhoof, Bilk, Milemarker, Stereolab and Trans Am, but it still doesn’t cover all the aspects and richness of their music. Ironically, TRUS! like to keep things concrete and describe themselves with this formula: TRUS! = 45% Alter, 20% Garage, 17% Punk, 10% SynthRock, 8% Electro New Wave. 

01. Come On (3:54)
02. Blue (3:10)
03. Whale Song (3:18)
04. Calling For Reason (3:15)
05. Askew (3:38)
06. Song From Jupiter (2:44)
07. Tenderness (5:23)
08. Effect of the First Step (7:12)

You can get it here.

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