24 April 2014

Pragwald: Pragwald (1991)

This one comes with an interview (only in Slovenian) from the first issue of Trash Your Brain fanzine. Pragwald was a metal band from Žalec (or Prebold as the name suggests) that was active from late 80s to early 90s and are somwhat legendary on the local scene. As we can read, they played with Xenophobia, Epidemic Zone, Game Over, Sarcasm, Salem, Disharmonic Orchestra, Atrocity, Necrosis, Holly Moses, Phantasmagoria... Check it out...

01. In Nomine (2:46)
02. Temple of Sadness (1:19)
03. Just a Question... Why? (3:49)
04. Pragwald Blues (Outro) (1:14)

You can get it here.

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  1. Hello, Hermit!
    Can you share the full Thrash Your Brain fanzine? I just started to make a zine about old yugoslavian metal scene and i need some sources to find the rare info about the bands.