17 April 2014

Pet Ambulance: Demo (199?)

I don't know nothing about this band except that it was from Velenje and that this demo is fomr the early 90s. The line-up for this demo was Dušan (vocals), Gogi (guitar), Primož (bass) and Franc (drums). If you know anything about them please leave a comment. Btw, this is a cassette rip.

01. Strange Girl (6:08)
02. Sexy Shoes (1:57)
03. Hands (6:53)
04. Winter (5:01)
05. Jenny (6:06)
06. One Look Beyond The Life (6:17)
07. Nič Vreden Glas (2:23)
08. Travel (3:52)

You can get it here.

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