25 April 2014

Giljotina: Demo (1997)

I have this demo on tape and I'm just guessing it's from 1997 (could be a year before or after). I also think this is the first demo of Giljotina, a metal band from Celje. I was listening to this after quite a long time and I was just thinking how many great bands Celje once had and how Miran Kosec was a really good and strong drummer. Giljotina sounds a lot like Metallica so if you like Hetfield & co. this just might be your cup of tea.

01. Že Neki (5:12)
02. Laž (4:00)
03. Tim (4:22)
04. Senca (4:41)
05. Udari Nazaj (5:06)

David Toman, vocals and guitar


You can get this here.

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