Gen 26 / Amper-O-Mat: Live In KLjUB (2004)

This is a real rarity! Only 15 copies of this live recording were made. The CD brings two noise performers that gently stroke the ears of visitors. Actually there were quite a lot of people attending that night given this was a noise concert. We didn't know what to expect and then Gen 26 blew us away with his performace with a - balloon!!! Awesome! Then Amper-O-Mat took it to a higher level, exploiting his grater (yes, a kitchen grater!) to the point when our ear drums almost popped. Great show, good performances with a little pinch of humour and genius / insanity.

01. Intro (0:04)
02. Gen 26 - Untitled I. (6:05)
03. Gen 26 - Untitled II. (8:20)
04. Amper-O-Mat - Blato I. (2:57)
05. Amper-O-Mat - Blato II. (6:00)
06. Amper-O-Mat - Blato III. (1:55)
07. Amper-O-Mat - Blato IV. (4:12)

You can get it here.