19 April 2014

Data Direct: La Dolce Vita (1995)

"The most thrilling thing is discovering and rediscovering the shape and structure of chaos. Error is not "a necessary element of the incomplete world" but its constitutional element. It derives from the incapacity to coordinate different realities without conflict. This way, error and the principle of indeterminacy define conflict which enables things to happen. Only what cannot be expressed is worth mentioning. So, with respect to for conflict, Data Direct does not operate through knowing, but quite the opposite - through not knowing."

01. Blind (7:05)
02. Transformator (5:39)
03. Hey (6:35)
04. Strange Attractor God (9:05)
05. The Play of the Puppets (7:50)
06. La Dolce Vita (5:31)
07. One Way (6:41)

You can get it here.

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