Crknu '98 (1998)

This is a compilation of mostly Celje based bands. Crknu is short for Celjski rock noče umret (Celje rock doesn't want to die) and it was a one day event in the center of the town. The only two bands still active today are Delo Na Črno and Carpe Diem. The compilation is interresting because it is a historical document as well as it presents some of the young musicians that are still active today (not so young anymore). For example Teodor Amanović (Stalin band) plays in one of the well known Slovenian pop bands Nude. Gianni Poposki from Noctiferia is featured in Hawah, some of the Riot members became Multiball, Mihael Lajlar from Horse Control is now Edenon. All the members from Dr. Ash (Kneževič, Beriša, Užmah and Piano) are prominent musicians today. Well worth checking out as it covers all musical tastes.

01. Usual Suspects - Lost Kids (2:39)
02. Hawah - Pain (2:44)
03. Giljotina - Timeless World (3:51)
04. Delo Na Črno - Horny (3:56)
05. Riot - Return To Religion (3:18)
06. Carpe Diem - Thema 8 (3:31)
07. Morx Victrix - Odgovor (4:12)
08. Inside - Crash (3:53)
09. Grozdje - Marta Je Škuorc (5:14)
10. Debeli Grahki - *.* (3:44)
11. Horse Control - Socialna Pesem (4:37)
12. Dr. Ash - James Bond (3:47)
13. Stalin Band - Groovin' Movin (4:24)
14. Traffic Jam - Funky Groove (4:03)

You can get it here.