21 March 2014

Železobeton: I Don't Know!? (2007)

The band Železobeton formed some time in September of 1988 and is considered to be one of the first metal bands from Murska Sobota to take its music from Pomurje region to the audiences in the wider Slovene area. The band’s music is a mix of different styles of metal or, as the band members themselves once called it, MTM – mad trash metal. This is their only full-lenght album. I got to know them through one of the No Border Jam compilations, but never saw them live.

01. Before you Die (4:52)
02. No time (2:50)
03. Shit (1:44)
04. Stay (2:32)
05. In this town (3:54)
06. Tagrag (3:30)
07. We want we need we play (1:39)
08. Done (2:34)
09. Power build on blood (2:46)

Get it from here.

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