25 March 2014

We Can't Sleep At Night: We Can't Sleep At Night (2008)

Three piece collective formed by high-tempo drum playing, catchy bass riffs, disoriented guitar parts and vocals that are afraid of being a drag, but are not afraid of being aloud. They enter the musical field through directions set by various post-punk groups in 80’s, but do nothing to hide, that they don’t care if they are blown into pop pathetic, surf carelessness or “crashed to the limit” songs, which bare the closest resemblance to the last hours of new-year’s eve party. This is their first album.

1. Minor War    
2. Boxes    
3. Unbelieveable    
4. Trigger-Happy Tanks
5. Chain Me!    
6. Blockish    
7. Happy Singing    
8. Alright, Okay    
9. Sea Near Me    
10. No Offense    
11. Tm T Dm    
12. Ordinary Day    
13. Božično-Novoletna Pozitivna Stvar

You can get it here.

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