22 March 2014

Multiball: At Last! (2004)

My home town punk rock band's first album. They started probably on the werge of the century, but guys were playing in other bands before. I guess Multiball comes from the flipper game that they played in our only alternative club. They released three full lenght albums, this one being the first one. The sound here doesn't do them justice and you should most definitely experience their live performance. Since they have matured a bit and found their sound. Other two albums will follow in next posts. Enjoy.

01. Intro (Multiball Hits Your Town) (1:35)
02. After You My Friend (3:25)
03. Rejected Suggestion (3:15)
04. Today Or Tomorrow (2:29)
05. At Last (3:25)
06. Have Fun, Die Young (3:34)
07. There You Go (2:22)
08. The Messenger (4:15)
09. Downtown Party (1:57)
10. Ladies Room (2:41)
11. The Last Song (2:44)

You can get it here.

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