27 September 2012

Štefka's Vomit: Štefka Vomits Alive, Krško (1997)

Dynamic, humourous duo from Brežice. Štefka's vomit features only drums (Cepo from S.F.U., Tenacious Zhgantci, Incubator of death, Dickless Tracy and many more...) and vocals (Gujda a.k.a. Count Gooyda from Dickless Tracy). This is a very good live recording and if I'm not mistaken this was recorded  when they opened for Cripple Bastards in Krško. Someone correct me if my information is wrong or my memory has played some tricks on me... Enjoy!

01- Tebe (Ni)mam Rad
02- Podoknica
03- Authority
04- O.G. (Original Gluesniffer)
05- Do You Wanna Dance
06- Laganica
07- Popuši Mi
08- Ja Bi Jebo
09- Kriv Je Nekdo Drug
10- Anal Kanal
11- Jajčno Pivo
12- Stop Them!
13- Rudej
14- Sisoje
15- Pičkolovac
16- Plastika U Modi
17- Asti Punx

Get it here.

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