25 May 2012

Š.Z.B.: Live in KLjUB (1996)

Š.Z.B. stands for Šljaken Zi Bitte. Noise-punk-hardcore band from Ljutomer (I think) played this concert back in 1996 along with S.F.U. from Brežice. I remember the gig as one of the most energetic concerts thanks to S.F.U. crew. Š.Z.B. were really loud and not so in tune, but as we were pissed off youngsters we wouldn't like them in any other way... I can say that for Š.Z.B. part it was one of the best worst concerts if you dig what I mean. Hear it for yourself, but (!) this is a tape rip and the quality is really bad. As the band was, hehe...

A1  Dirty Danka    
A2  Nesmisel Idealov
A3  Segedin
A4  Obsojeni Na Smrt
A5  Svije    
A6  Jutros Butros
A7  Dirty Laundry
A8  Demon
A9  Flatusss
A10 Gema Šlafen
A11 Karton   
A12 Radenska

The B side of the tape will be here in time, but for now you can enjoy Šljaken Zi Bitte. Get the tape rip here.

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