25 May 2012

Kleemar: Selected Demos 2 (2004)

Some facts about Kleemar from his MySpace account:
Matej Koncan (alias Kleemar) - a passionate experimenter with analog electronic devices and a curious explorer of new digital creative options - plays a significant role in this movement. Owing inspiration as much to contemporary music visionaries of all genres as to legendary sound researchers, electronic music pioneers, and cult movies, Kleemar creates warm lyrical harmonies, serene sounds, and - with high sensitivity he recycles old audio materials into new sound qualities. With Kleemar on synthesizers and three additional musicians (Saso Benko, David Halb, Ivor Knafelj) on drums, basses, guitars, samples and synthesizers, this full band version takes Kleemar's music to energetic post-rock dimensions and impressively reflects his intolerance for purism and categorization in music.
This time you can enjoy in his selected demos, part 2.

01 - Everybody Loves Raymond
02 - Somone Who You Nod To
03 - Loveful
04 - Simple Kleemar
05 - Kleemar Kills IDM
06 - I Lick It
07 - Infantic
08 - Fuckin' CC
09 - The Hell Outta Dodge (Sick Mix) Originally Performed By Psycho-Pat
10 - The Hell Outta Dodge (Groovy Mix) Originally Performed By Psycho-Pat
11 - Fawn (Rmx) Originally Performed By Manul

You can get them here.

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