02 May 2012

2227: No Brains No Tumors (1995)

1994-1995: With Brains and Tumors, Please!

Then come several concert tourings in 12 European countries (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Yugoslavia), and the consolidation of the outlined course of development.

In the spring 1995 they record the material for their second album in the Pan studio in Krajn, engineered by Franci Rainer and produced by Dare Hocevar (ex-Laibach, Sokoli). The elemental hard-core skeleton and rushing bass lines combine with jazz gags, gallows melancholy and odd ethnic rhythms, out-and-out crossed by expressive violin. The title is a logical consequence: No Brains No Tumors. Besides nine original songs and an adaptation of Tom Waits, the CD also brings four documentary recordings by 2-2-2-7 from 1986.

Again, the CD and tape are released as self-editions under the label of Strip Core in April 1995. Together with Mirko Simic they make a videoclip for the neurotic title song No Brains No Tumors, a highly cracked and definitely the fastest videoclip in which more than 520 shots follow one another in less than three minutes. The video features the Fourklor physical dance theatre, with which 2-2-2-7 later collaborate as composers and performers of music for their dance performance.

In June 1995, 2-2-2-7 participate at the Druga Godba festival (with Marc Ribbot and the Klezmatics). Around that time they release a 7-inch record, Sarlo budi njezan, which is (also) homage to the most unique Yugoslav group (Sarlo Akrobata) of the early 1980s. The blue-coloured single in a transparent cover - and in limited edition - is to acquire the status of nostalgic rarity.

In August 1995, Oliver Marceta, painter and student of animation film in Vienna, shoots his childlike drawings in grounded coffee and makes an animation videoclip for the song Innocent When You Dream (from the single and CD); its strong allegories appeal primarily to fine artists. Later, in the beginning of 1998, the videoclip wins the award for the best script at the MCM Atlas Musique Awards in Cannes.

This time, 2-2-2-7 invite Studio Torax to design the cover of the single and CD. While the single cover is impeccable, the CD cover and the poster provoke auspiciously controversial reactions: behind the inscription No Brains No Tumors features a photograph by Sinisa Lopojda, presenting an aborted human foetus in the arms of a Michelangelo-like angel.

Album No Brain No Tumors is avaliable for download here.

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