2227: Bi Bi Bi Sabí (1998)

1998: Bibibisabi?

During the creation process of their new album 2-2-2-7 suddenly realise that the most decisive revival in the flood of various revivals would be if the group would start to imitate no one but itself. But since 2-2-2-7 never really understood themselves, the ensuing outcome is interesting: perhaps their most mature record entitled Bi Bi Bi Sabí. Even before its release the band tours in Norway (a nice country), with stops in Denmark and Germany. Once again they perform as a classic rock quartet with drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.

The title of the new record is adapted from Basque (in original: bi bi bi zazpi), while the lyrics are written in the "sandwich-language" package: four songs in Slovene, three in English, one in the Slovene-English mixture, two in the late SerboCroat; one title is translated into French, one text in Slovene has a SerboCroat title, and one text vice versa; in between, chickens cluck centrifugally and sheep bleat naturally. Moreover, the record includes two violin instrumentals from the Fourklor performance. Regretfully, Tijuana Toads did not get the copyrights.

The producer and music engineer of Bi Bi Bi Sabí is Franci Rainer. The basic material was recorded in Robi’s place, Studio Poludio in Svetinje, and vocals, saxophone, and percussion in Gajic’s Faktor in Kodeljevo, Ljubljana. The material was mixed in Studio Tivoli as a customer of Borut Berden’s Studio Ritem. Besides the Macek-Bozo-Jani-Jovo quartet the following guests appear on the record: Sergej on saxophone, Marjan Stanic on tarabuca and bongos; Maja Pavlin with her accompanying vocal; and Vuk (persisting only in the bonus track). Again, the CD booklet was designed by Strip Core, while the photographs are the work of photographer Damjan Kocjancic, who also designs lighting at 2-2-2-7 concerts.

This time, the CD and tape are released in the co-production of Strip Core (Forum Ljubljana) and Helidon (ZOM).

Together with the record comes first a videoclip for the song Lolitka - The Girl with Ice-Cream Eyes, directed by 2-2-2-7 and the well-noticed rolling circus of Ana Monro, and produced by Forum Ljubljana and VPK.

Download  Bi Bi Bi Sabí from here.