31 May 2012

Pizda Materna: Pidza Materna (1997)

This is a great band that I only saw live once. I think it was on Flatusss festival, but I'm not sure as 15 years have passed since. Hardcore with great lyrics and hard activist stance. I recommend this one!

01 - Nič Za Prijavit
02 - 30 Sekund
03 - Brez Naslova
04 - Življenje
05 - Logika Profita, Logika Zločina
06 - ...

It's up for grabs right here.

30 May 2012

Scuffy Dogs: Scuffy Dogs (2000)

This is the second album of these legendary Slovenian punk-ska-rockers. They were also known for their energetic live show and in that sense I am really sad that I have never seen them perform live so I seek solace in two great albums that they left behind...

01 - Delavska
02 - Zega Ivan
03 - V Moskvo
04 - V boj
05 - Moja generacija
06 - Peter
07 - Sam
08 - Vesolj-ska
09 - Nikoli
10 - Tvoji idoli
11 - Religija
12 - Police in helicopter

Here's the link: click!

29 May 2012

Scuffy Dogs: Scuffy Dogs (1997)

Scuffy Dogs were a punk band with ska and hardcore touches from Nova Gorica, Slovenia formed in 1994. They were well known for their live shows, political stance and were highly influential for the developing Slovenian hc scene. Various Scuffy Dogs members later played in Pizda Materna, Elvis Jackson, Man in the Shadow and Krik Diznilenda. They released two untitled albums.

01 - Nočna kronika
02 - Heroj
03 - Utopija
04 - Človek
05 - JNA
06 - Psihopat
07 - Reggae (Smoke & Enjoy)
08 - Tonight
09 - Ponižani in žalostni
10 - Scuffy Dogs
11 - Revolucija
12 - Proud Mary
13 - Za domovino
14 - Polda
15 - Sirene
16 - Bullshit
17 - Dobro jutro
18 - Jazzcore
19 - Vahid
20 - Konec

You can get the album here.

28 May 2012

Stekli Psi: Koga Briga! (2010)

Although I'm a more rock'n'roll guy I really enjoy intelligent, quality rap. Stekli Psi (Rabies) are in both categories. Backed with a band this album sounds really organic and the fact that the guys rap in Prekmurje dialect brings their music to another level. Flow is great, rhymes are good, everything is in place. Great stuff!

01 - Fraze
02 - Nindri Indri
03 - Nam Se Miga
04 - Daj Paper
05 - Bumerang
06 - Ka Koli
07 - Živa Istina
08 - Ka Koli
09 - 1919, Prekmurje RAPublika
10 - Mi Ti Damo Praf
11 - Mi Smo Nej Odvisni
12 - Drugi Smo Nivo
13 - Lejko Je Gda Grata
14 - Palimo Bong

You can get the rabies here.

You can visit them on Bandcamp where the album is also avaliable for download (in various bitratres).

Stekli Psi on bandcamp:
This super collective has been dominating the Prekmurje rap scene without any real competition. Stekli Psi released their debut album "Koga Briga!" in 2010. The rap language barrier is broken by the incredible flow, and uncompromising activist stance. Backed up by a live band trio (guitar, bas and drums), providing the groovy-heavy-bass-rhodes background.

25 May 2012

Raz-Plaz: Šljaken Zi Bitte (1997)

Š.Z.B. from previous post became Raz-Plaz and this a digital version of their 7". Musically they are still somewhere in the noise-hardcore area although this recording is much more polished as the live one (obviously as it was recorded in a studio).

And just to be sure where we are, here's the lyrics for their "hit" song Segedin:

Včeraj, sen brez dlake na jeziki
vse vun poja iz riti
kaj bomo jeli gnes
ker lačen sen kak pes

Vogla ni ker vali
žoge ne ker ne je
luč pa v kleti več ne sveti
Dober den!
Pisker je kozlarije pun
lačen pa kak kun
zaj pa gremo srat
300 ur na sat

Pleha ne ker ne ve
driske ni ker prdi
klobas pa iz riti vsi smo siti
Dober den!

Končno najeli smo se vsi
zaj pa pit se nam mudi.

Raz-Plaz offer the translation:

without a hair on my tongue
I've eaten all from my bottom
but what shall we eat today
'Cos I'm hungry like a dog

No the bird, 'cos it's makin' birth
not a ball, 'cos it's in the goal
and in the cellar the light is out
so, a good day with

the pot is full of throw up
to castor oil with noodles mixed hot spoiled soup
after that you must take shit
three hundred miles on hour is your limit

an iron not, 'cos it's out of thought
diaorrhoea is gone, 'cos it's makin' storm
and we all are sick from goin' sausage stick
so, a good day with

So while our stomach's feelin' cool
take your bottles and drink it full

You can get the 7" rip here.

Š.Z.B.: Live in KLjUB (1996)

Š.Z.B. stands for Šljaken Zi Bitte. Noise-punk-hardcore band from Ljutomer (I think) played this concert back in 1996 along with S.F.U. from Brežice. I remember the gig as one of the most energetic concerts thanks to S.F.U. crew. Š.Z.B. were really loud and not so in tune, but as we were pissed off youngsters we wouldn't like them in any other way... I can say that for Š.Z.B. part it was one of the best worst concerts if you dig what I mean. Hear it for yourself, but (!) this is a tape rip and the quality is really bad. As the band was, hehe...

A1  Dirty Danka    
A2  Nesmisel Idealov
A3  Segedin
A4  Obsojeni Na Smrt
A5  Svije    
A6  Jutros Butros
A7  Dirty Laundry
A8  Demon
A9  Flatusss
A10 Gema Šlafen
A11 Karton   
A12 Radenska

The B side of the tape will be here in time, but for now you can enjoy Šljaken Zi Bitte. Get the tape rip here.

Kleemar: Selected Demos 2 (2004)

Some facts about Kleemar from his MySpace account:
Matej Koncan (alias Kleemar) - a passionate experimenter with analog electronic devices and a curious explorer of new digital creative options - plays a significant role in this movement. Owing inspiration as much to contemporary music visionaries of all genres as to legendary sound researchers, electronic music pioneers, and cult movies, Kleemar creates warm lyrical harmonies, serene sounds, and - with high sensitivity he recycles old audio materials into new sound qualities. With Kleemar on synthesizers and three additional musicians (Saso Benko, David Halb, Ivor Knafelj) on drums, basses, guitars, samples and synthesizers, this full band version takes Kleemar's music to energetic post-rock dimensions and impressively reflects his intolerance for purism and categorization in music.
This time you can enjoy in his selected demos, part 2.

01 - Everybody Loves Raymond
02 - Somone Who You Nod To
03 - Loveful
04 - Simple Kleemar
05 - Kleemar Kills IDM
06 - I Lick It
07 - Infantic
08 - Fuckin' CC
09 - The Hell Outta Dodge (Sick Mix) Originally Performed By Psycho-Pat
10 - The Hell Outta Dodge (Groovy Mix) Originally Performed By Psycho-Pat
11 - Fawn (Rmx) Originally Performed By Manul

You can get them here.

24 May 2012

Kleemar: Selected Demos 1 (2004)

And now for something completelly different. Not geographically though, as we are still in the Prekmurje region, but musically. From rock'n'roll to electronic music. Kleemar's idm is a definition of enjoyable music. One of the best concerts (when performing live Kleemar has a real band line-up consisted from Psycho-Path and Sphericube members) I have ever witnessed, when they were touring with their mates from Sphericube (2003 or 2004). Kleemar can paint the most beautiful landscapes you need to open your heart to him. I highly recommend this.

01 - Someone Who You Nod To
02 - Simple Kleemar
03 - Kleemar Kills IDM
04 - Kleemar's Talking Moon
05 - Orion Stand By!
06 - Fuckin CC
07 - Fawn (rmx)
08 - Sajkolefanje (live)

You can get the selected demos here.

23 May 2012

Kweefpossum: Me Feel So Possum (2007)

A two man band from Prekmurje region, whose main characteristics are (besides that they no longer play) the simplicity of its music and the raw, uncompromising performance, garage, stoner, fuzz thingie going on… It's roots come from Manul and Plüg.

01 - Tarmalate
02 - Cheap And Nasty
03 - Right On
Download here.

22 May 2012

Manul: The Kind of Music You'll Tell Your Children You Were Into, Even Though You Weren't (2004)

This is the album that never so the light of day. I think Manul split up just as they wanted to release this recordings, had a couple of awesome gigs behind themselves and were winning the public. Great post rock album.

But as always new bands emerge from the ashes of former ones... So next time we will meet Kweefpossum...

01 - Post-Rock For Jerinho
02 - Headjob
03 - Wet Gravel
04 - All I Ever Wanted
05 - Maladie Du Bonheur
06 - The Kind Of Music...
07 - I'm Silver
08 - Spit Mandrake
09 - Toy Phone
10 - Fawn
11 - A Mine-Like Object
12 - Rubber Lighthouse

Get The Kind of Music You'll Tell Your Children You Were Into, Even Though You Weren't here.

21 May 2012

Manul: Demo (2004)

We have closed the story of Psycho-Path, but we're staying on the East of our little country. Manul was a great band from Murska Sobota that played very good alt-stone-rock. This is their demo from 2004 (I think). They never released any albums, but that doesn't mean they haven't recorded one...

01 - I'm Silver
02 - Wet Gravel
03 - All I Ever Wanted
04 - Spit Mandrake
05 - Rubber Lighthouse

You can get Manul's demo here.

18 May 2012

Psycho-Path: The Ass-Soul Of Psycho-Path (2008)

The last chapter on the psycho path. Awesome album brings 11 tracks that will not leave you cold. Psycho-path will always be one of my favourite Slovenian bands.
Get the ass-soul here.

07 May 2012

Psycho-Path - Désinvoltura (2004)

This is the third (or fourth if you count Terminal) album of Psycho-Path. IMHO their best piece of work.

Review by Exclaim.ca here.

You can find the album on this link.

06 May 2012

Psycho-Path: The Hell Outta Dodge (2004) single

This single brings the album version of the song and two remixes. Whether they are both made by Kleemar I don't know, one of them sure is. Plus one of the best videos!!! Pure monochromatic awesomeness!!!

Get it here or get the hell outta dodge!

05 May 2012

Psycho-Path: Terminal (2000)

Terminal isn't an album per se... It is recorded live for a dance theater show, but then converted into a listener friendly shape of an album. Khm... Anyway... It's a solid recording that stands on its own. And it hides a bonus in a shape of Scott McCloud from Girls Against Boys.

Too much of a good thing can fuck you up... Get it here, if you dare...

04 May 2012

Psycho-Path: Autoerotic (1999)

Second album brings heavier sound (just listen to that wall of sound in Machina del tiempo), heavier riffs and more self exploring lyrics. Awesome to sum it up in one word.

You can get it here.

03 May 2012

Psycho-Path: Jiu Jitsu (1997)

First full lenght album of Psycho-Path offered a first hit single of the band. Dehydrated was probably the most wanted song on their concerts with its punkish rhythm and melodic. The album presents some very good riffs and very specific (and recognizable) vocal of their lead singer. Powerful voice of Meli became their trademark and no other vocal in my opinion could interpret the lyrics of Psycho-Path better than her.

Jiu Jitsu is available here.

Psycho-Path: Kiss & Kill Trax (1996)

We're moving to the East of our conutry to visit one of my favourite alternative rock bands. Beginnings of Psycho-Path reach back to 1993 and I think this tape is their first offical (?) demo that will be followed by the first album Jiu-Jitsu a year later. Stone rock at its best.

You can download the tape from here.

02 May 2012

2227: Vse Živo 1995 - 1999 (1999)

Successive hit number 2-2-2-7 final!

After an especially successfull split-up of the band in summer 1999, the ultimate act of the 2-2-2-7 number followed: descent from the underground to the ground floor! Some years of unintentional transposing of old tapes, search for the lost or misplaced audio-tapes with mostly by chance recorded shows from the rich tours of the 2-2-2-7 band, prospered with two CDs: selection of practically all that has been preserved in the period of 1995 (with the show in MKNŽ in Ilirska Bistrica) and 1999 (last documented show of the band, Schuetorf, D, April 1999) is some kind of  “the fejst of 2-2-2-7”, - you can find on both discs 28 (!) songs from all three 2-2-2-7 albums plus raritetes from the single and samplers. All songs are recorded live - as 2-2-2-7 should be the best live (as the authorities claim). On the CDs you can also find some ultrasignificant radio jingles and halfdrunk concert intermezzo’s, which come quite natural. Therefore a part of the history.

Here (unfortunatelly) ends the story of (one of) my favourite Slovenian bands. You can visit them here.

You can get Vse Živo CD1 here, and CD2 here.

2227: Bi Bi Bi Sabí (1998)

1998: Bibibisabi?

During the creation process of their new album 2-2-2-7 suddenly realise that the most decisive revival in the flood of various revivals would be if the group would start to imitate no one but itself. But since 2-2-2-7 never really understood themselves, the ensuing outcome is interesting: perhaps their most mature record entitled Bi Bi Bi Sabí. Even before its release the band tours in Norway (a nice country), with stops in Denmark and Germany. Once again they perform as a classic rock quartet with drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.

The title of the new record is adapted from Basque (in original: bi bi bi zazpi), while the lyrics are written in the "sandwich-language" package: four songs in Slovene, three in English, one in the Slovene-English mixture, two in the late SerboCroat; one title is translated into French, one text in Slovene has a SerboCroat title, and one text vice versa; in between, chickens cluck centrifugally and sheep bleat naturally. Moreover, the record includes two violin instrumentals from the Fourklor performance. Regretfully, Tijuana Toads did not get the copyrights.

The producer and music engineer of Bi Bi Bi Sabí is Franci Rainer. The basic material was recorded in Robi’s place, Studio Poludio in Svetinje, and vocals, saxophone, and percussion in Gajic’s Faktor in Kodeljevo, Ljubljana. The material was mixed in Studio Tivoli as a customer of Borut Berden’s Studio Ritem. Besides the Macek-Bozo-Jani-Jovo quartet the following guests appear on the record: Sergej on saxophone, Marjan Stanic on tarabuca and bongos; Maja Pavlin with her accompanying vocal; and Vuk (persisting only in the bonus track). Again, the CD booklet was designed by Strip Core, while the photographs are the work of photographer Damjan Kocjancic, who also designs lighting at 2-2-2-7 concerts.

This time, the CD and tape are released in the co-production of Strip Core (Forum Ljubljana) and Helidon (ZOM).

Together with the record comes first a videoclip for the song Lolitka - The Girl with Ice-Cream Eyes, directed by 2-2-2-7 and the well-noticed rolling circus of Ana Monro, and produced by Forum Ljubljana and VPK.

Download  Bi Bi Bi Sabí from here.

2227: No Brains No Tumors (1995)

1994-1995: With Brains and Tumors, Please!

Then come several concert tourings in 12 European countries (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Yugoslavia), and the consolidation of the outlined course of development.

In the spring 1995 they record the material for their second album in the Pan studio in Krajn, engineered by Franci Rainer and produced by Dare Hocevar (ex-Laibach, Sokoli). The elemental hard-core skeleton and rushing bass lines combine with jazz gags, gallows melancholy and odd ethnic rhythms, out-and-out crossed by expressive violin. The title is a logical consequence: No Brains No Tumors. Besides nine original songs and an adaptation of Tom Waits, the CD also brings four documentary recordings by 2-2-2-7 from 1986.

Again, the CD and tape are released as self-editions under the label of Strip Core in April 1995. Together with Mirko Simic they make a videoclip for the neurotic title song No Brains No Tumors, a highly cracked and definitely the fastest videoclip in which more than 520 shots follow one another in less than three minutes. The video features the Fourklor physical dance theatre, with which 2-2-2-7 later collaborate as composers and performers of music for their dance performance.

In June 1995, 2-2-2-7 participate at the Druga Godba festival (with Marc Ribbot and the Klezmatics). Around that time they release a 7-inch record, Sarlo budi njezan, which is (also) homage to the most unique Yugoslav group (Sarlo Akrobata) of the early 1980s. The blue-coloured single in a transparent cover - and in limited edition - is to acquire the status of nostalgic rarity.

In August 1995, Oliver Marceta, painter and student of animation film in Vienna, shoots his childlike drawings in grounded coffee and makes an animation videoclip for the song Innocent When You Dream (from the single and CD); its strong allegories appeal primarily to fine artists. Later, in the beginning of 1998, the videoclip wins the award for the best script at the MCM Atlas Musique Awards in Cannes.

This time, 2-2-2-7 invite Studio Torax to design the cover of the single and CD. While the single cover is impeccable, the CD cover and the poster provoke auspiciously controversial reactions: behind the inscription No Brains No Tumors features a photograph by Sinisa Lopojda, presenting an aborted human foetus in the arms of a Michelangelo-like angel.

Album No Brain No Tumors is avaliable for download here.