Strelnikoff: On 45 (1990)

Strelnikoff are often reffered to as Slovenian Minstry as they both exploit and explore the industrial sounds. Probably the fastest Slovenian band in the early 90's due to the rhythm machine that added solid ground for live played instruments. Strelnikoff were definitely ahead of the time and well known in Slovenia but didn't establish a big (what is big?) fan base. Metalheads were against them because they used the rhythm machine. They were not punk enough (in musical sense) for the punks. They played with NoMeansNo in the early 90's and were know for the fact, that Jello Biafra was their fan.

Another similarity to Ministry were the lead singers Vasja and Sergej that always performed to the max and were crazy-as-shit (in the most positive sense of the phrase).

Sergej and Vasja in the zone

This is their first 12" and it is a vinyl rip.

Get it here: click.


  1. This is freaking HUGE. I'm really surprised they aren't known better (started reading up on them, and hey, nothing but massive, massive respect, the paucity of information notwithstanding). Thanks a hell of a lot.


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