Strelnikoff: Heavy Mentally Retarded (1992)

We continue our trip through Strelnikoff's music. This is the only full lenght album they released. Strelnikoff at it's best.

Imagine a dark club full with boys and girls wanting to have fun. The only source of light are four white search ligths hovering above the crowd. There's sax intro of Too drunk to fuck on the speakers and they boys are eagerly waiting for the song to really start so they can prove themselves in front of the girls. Hormones are at it's peak levels. Everybody is drunk and everybody wants to fuck. When the rhythm machine starts pounding, battering, the searchlights are killed by the stroboscope flashing in the rhythm of the song. Pogo starts almost immediately and lasts until the final second. It happened almost every week in our local club...

The other hit song in the iron repertoar of the DJs was I'm So Pretty But She Don't Care. Still gets my heart beating at higher rates... Another one is Gimme A Gun (After Midnight) for which they recorded the only video:

I promised a story of Saynee Ikkorumovidax. I think that Strelnikoff and Miladojka Youneed were partying together, messing around with the tape recorder. Somehow they recorded (if I remmber the story right) jaz, s sekiro v roki (litlerally: me with an axe in my hand) and played the tape backwards. It sounded like saynee ikkorumovidax. A subliminal message of some sort, hehe... Both bands did their versions of the song and the guy publishing the Naša četica koraka renamed the song to Silence as saynee sounds similar to silence (I presume it happened like that).

So, here you have it, one of the best alternative albums ever published in Slovenia. 


ps. The story of Saynee... was told to me by Vasja. It is quite possible that he was just joking around with a curious youngster, so don't hold it against me if you find out that the story isn't true, hehe...