Strelnikoff: Bitchcraft (1998)

The final stage in Strelnikoff discography is controvesrial EP Bitchcraft. After Yugoslavian republics went their separate ways democracy has blessed our land. We got freedom of speech! But all that was forgotten when some rockers from Celje that called themselves Strelnikoff, published this EP that featured virgin Mary with a rat in her lap on the cover. Religious feelings were hurt! A blasphemy! It was all over the daily newspapers.

The virgin Mary from Brezje is supposed to be the most holy icon in Slovenia and Strelnikoff put a rat in her lap instead of baby Jesus. Ts ts, you bad boys. The process never had an official ending, but nothing happened to Strelnikoff, thank god (!). They were never convicted. I even think that the case was outdated. The whole scandal only showed how many strings church can pull in a democratic country where real criminals are rarely charged in months. The Strelnikoff process stared just a week after the CD was published!

You can get Bitchcraft here.


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