...A Je To!: Juriš V Svobodo (1995)

...A je to! named after a popular Czechoslovakian cartoon were shortlived but made quite an impact on Slovenian punk scene. As the tho characters from the cartoon the band was very optimistic and funny (in lyrics), but also enviromentally engaged.

In short time they gathered a lot of fan base and followers. I remember their gig in our local club in 1995 (I think - or even earlier). It was one of the best gigs in 30 years history of the club. Very energetic, a lot of pogo and sing-a-long.

With the single "Jožica" they even made the national charts, but for me that song was / is the weakest link on the short album. You can find the download link below and the photos are from the above mentioned concert.



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