29 April 2012

2227... my favourite Slovenian band

1985-1986: Prehistory

The 2227 group emerges on the very firm Slovene hard core scene of the time: Bozo (guitar; ex-UBR), Jani (bass; ex-Epidemija), Dare Kuhar (drums; ex-Odpadki Civilizacije), and David Krzisnik (vocal). The name of the group was picked simply from someone’s identity card. In 1986 they participate at the Novi Rock festival. At this occasion they are entitled to use - free of charge - the Top Ten studio facilities to record one song. 2227 record four tunes in a single stroke, without breaks. Nobody, not even the producer Janez Krizaj, notices the surplus of three pieces. And tone technicians at Radio Student prefer to play them in sequence.

After 1986, 2227 sink into self-oblivion because of successive enrolments of the members into Yugoslav National Army.

Text taken from this site.

Tomorrow their debut album Stripcore...

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